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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we meet the guide?

We typically will let you know exactly when and where to meet us sometime the afternoon prior to your fishing excursion. We can usually give you a general idea further in advance, however salmon are constantly migrating and can swim over 20 miles in a single day! By taking a mobile approach and trailering our boats each day we are able to follow the salmon as they migrate up the river.

For you- the client this means more time fishing where the fish are, and less wasted time searching for the next bite. Flexibility is the biggest key to success when fishing for salmon!

Do we need a fishing license?

Anyone age 16 and over will need to provide their own Sport fishing license. This is mandatory by state law.

You will only need a king salmon stamp if king salmon season is open. I recommend waiting to purchase your king stamp until you get to Alaska incase of emergency closures. You can buy your fishing license at

How do we bring fish home from Alaska,
and how do we get our catch processed?

There are several ways to bring your catch home. At the end of your day we will fillet your catch, which you will then drop off at the local processing facility for vacuum sealing, freezing and shipping directly to your home. 

In order to save money many people choose to get their fish packaged into fish boxes and bring them home as checked baggage. Other people (myself included) have had great success with medium sized soft sided coolers and bringing their fish home as a carry on.

What is included:

We will provide all fishing equipment including waders and cleaning your catch.

What is not Included & list of things to bring:
  • Fishing License (Mandatory for anyone 16 and older)

  • King salmon stamp (only if targeting king salmon)

  • Sunglasses (these are important for protecting your eyes from stray hooks and sun glare)

  • Warm socks (I recommend wool)

  • Weather appropriate clothing. (Raingear, hat, layers etc)

  • Food/beverages of your choice 

  • Vacuum sealing/freezing/shipping your catch

How many people can you accommodate?

We can accommodate groups of any size from solo anglers to large corporate outings with 30 or more people. We have a fantastic network of some of the best local guides to accommodate larger group with multiple boats.

When is the best time to come?

This is best determined by giving us a call and explaining what sort of experience you are looking for. Anglers looking to catch and release lots of trout should consider coming in August or September. Salmon oriented anglers can find opportunities for fish starting as early as late May throughout the summer and into October. Regardless of when you find yourself in our area there is almost always something available to catch!

Do you offer private charters?

Yes! If you would like a more personal experience we can accommodate your group with a private charter. For some trips such as fly fishing for trout we only book private charters to give everyone on the boat a high quality experience

What if I don’t have any fishing experience?

No problem! We love sharing our passion for fishing and over the years we have helped many anglers catch their first fish! Anyone with any level of experience is welcome. Most fishing techniques we use are relatively easy to learn and we can typically have a novice angler trained in and catching fish in no time. We are committed to giving each angler as much one on one time as necessary to become proficient in the fishing techniques being used.

Do you allow children?

Absolutely! We love having kids on the boat, and there is nothing more rewarding as a guide than helping kiddos catch fish. Kids often need extra attention so depending on their age and time of year we may request that you book a private charter so we can better accommodate for the needs that you and your family may have.

What type of gear do you use?

We use all types of gear, including but not limited to spinning, conventional and fly. The gear type we use may change due to variables such as fish species, fishing technique and level of angler experience.

How many fish can I keep?

Daily salmon limits vary by the time of year and by species. For example:

Sockeye salmon (reds) Daily limits typically start at 3 per day and at some point during the summer will be raised to 6 per day. It is very important to note that just because limits may be raised it does not automatically mean that you are guaranteed to catch them.

Silver salmon (coho) Daily limits are 2 per day until September 1st when they get raised to 3 per day. 

King salmon Daily limits vary by year and location and can be subject to restrictions via emergency order. Typically the limit on the Kasilof River is 2 hatchery raised King salmon per day.

There are no annual limits for Sockeye, Coho or Pink Salmon. King salmon are subject to a 5 fish annual limit.

Where should we stay?

Because many of our trips start early in the morning and the Seward Highway is prone to road closures & delays we strongly recommend that you spend the night before the trip in the Soldotna area. It is very important to show up on time for your guided trip. 

Check out our Vacation rental in Soldotna which can sleep 4-5 people. Here we have a large chest freezer to store your catch after processing as well as an outdoor grill and firepit to relax around after your day of fishing.

Another option is to get a room at the Kenai River Lodge. The Majority of the boat launches we use are 5-25 minutes away from these accommodations.

Do you have refuge permits?

Yes, we have refuge permits that allow our clientele to fish the wildlife refuge areas of the middle Kenai and Upper Kasilof rivers. These areas are some of the most productive for sockeye and silver salmon from June-October.

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