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The Short but Essential Alaska Guided Fishing Trip Packing List

For those embarking on a Kenai River guided fishing trip, preparation is key to ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience. Here’s a concise, essential packing list to help you get ready for your Alaskan adventure.

1. Raingear

A high-quality set of rain pants and jackets is a must. Rain pants are particularly important as boat seats can get wet from rain and morning condensation. Wearing rain pants will keep you dry and comfortable, preventing the annoyance of a wet rear end as you start your day on the boat.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are crucial for protecting your eyes from the bright glare of the water and from flying hooks, sinkers, and lures. A quality set of polarized sunglasses will enhance your visibility and keep your eyes safe. Fishing guides always wear eye protection for a reason—accidents can happen in an instant.

3. Warm Wool Socks

The Kenai and Kasilof rivers are glacial run-offs, making wool or merino socks essential for warmth and insulation. Cotton is not suitable as it fails to provide the necessary warmth. Warm socks will keep your feet comfortable and dry, especially when wearing waders.

4. Bug Spray

While bugs are usually not an issue on the water, walking back into the woods can be a different story. A small bottle of bug spray is a handy addition to your bag, ensuring you’re prepared for any encounters with insects.

5. Sunscreen

The sun’s rays can be intense on the water, so bringing a small bottle of sunscreen is important. Opt for lotion-style sunscreen as spray bottles can damage fishing lines and repel salmon. Protect your skin while ensuring your fishing gear remains effective.

6. Thermals

Early mornings and the cool Alaskan climate call for a good set of thermals. They are perfect for wearing under waders and will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your trip.

7. Sunshirt

A long-sleeved, hooded sun shirt, like those made by Simms, provides excellent sun protection while keeping you cool. These shirts are ideal for long days on the water and are comfortable to wear both on and off the boat.

8. Personal Consumables

Bring along any beverages or snacks you might want for the day. Staying hydrated and nourished is important for maintaining energy levels during your fishing adventure.

9. Hat

A brimmed or billed hat will protect your face and scalp from the sun and bugs. It also helps reduce glare, improving your visibility while fishing.

10. Extra Layer

Alaskan weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always good to have an extra layer on hand. This ensures you’re prepared for any sudden changes in temperature or weather conditions.

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